Why the blog?

So what is the purpose of this blog?

I started writing this blog because I had a lot of free time to ponder what my next steps would be in terms of my career. From the experience I had and the wisdom I had received, I had started shaping my own ideas of the real world and what it took to ‘make it’. I was pretty active with my blogs, but once school started, I lacked the time and energy to write about all the amazing things I was learning.

Fortunately, one of our projects was to build a blog targeted towards a key audience. Perfect, already done! Motivated by school, I am back to blogging on the topics that interest me most.

I love hearing stories, so feel free to post anything you wish, whether it’s about the blog or not.  I want to hear about your experiences in the PR industry or even just opinions on communication methods. It may be a tough world out there, but it’s alot better when you’ve got support.

Thanks for reading!


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