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Image: Your Own Personal PR Strategy

Image is something we usually take into consideration when making a decision. “How does it look? What will people think? How will I look to others?” and so on. Very rarely do we think about the smaller things we do everyday that shapes our own personal brand. The coffee we drink, the clothes we wear, … Continue reading

Showing That Job Market Who’s Boss

As is my morning ritual, I was drinking coffee and getting up to date with things in the GTA courtesy of the Toronto Star. I made my way over to the business section, where I came across an article that seemed to be uncomfortably close to my present reality. The article’s title, ‘Boomers’ kids in … Continue reading

Why Would I Want To Work For Free?

Now I understand that most of us are incredibly busy with school, work relationships and trying to balance all of these aspects of our daily lives, but let’s take a step back. There is extra time in our lives, and we should make the most of it. Right now people are focused on finding a … Continue reading

Getting to the basics…

Howdy, Something I wanted to start off with was inspired by a dear friend of mine. After a chat over fancy drinks (because we’re fancy), she told me about how she was learning detailed usage of all outlook programs in her post-graduate program. She is planning on going into marketing, and expert knowledge of these … Continue reading

A Little Introduction…

Hey Y’all, My name’s Laura and I’ll start off with some basics about myself. I graduated from University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree and took off to work in Korea for a year and a half after that to make some money and explore the world. There may be a lot … Continue reading