Image: Your Own Personal PR Strategy

Image is something we usually take into consideration when making a decision. “How does it look? What will people think? How will I look to others?” and so on. Very rarely do we think about the smaller things we do everyday that shapes our own personal brand. The coffee we drink, the clothes we wear, how we style our hair, our little ‘catch phrases’ or personal quirks- mine is my snort when I laugh. All of these things are what people see when creating an opinion of us. Whether that opinion is positive or not is up to us.

Don't fear it, embrace it!

In public relations, the practitioner aims to bring positive awareness towards their client’s work, build brand loyalty and present a positive image towards the public. I believe this is something we need to do everyday.

That last line might sound like an incredible amount of work, but how we present ourselves could take your down paths that you never thought possible. Consider this; maybe there was that customer that you spent half an hour with, chatting about her children, education and about her personal needs and suggested products. You parted that conversation feeling good about yourselves. Later on, you go for a job interview and look who is sitting on the other side of that desk. You made a great impression on that woman and you’ve immediately taken yourself one step closer to your dream.

Our personalities are what define us, but the consideration we have for the people and environments around us speaks volumes. Image isn’t always what you see, but how your act. You can still charm someone with your hair in a bun and jeans, it’s all in how your act.

When the world around you is reacting positively to your initiatives, you will automatically feel even better about yourself. When this happens, you’ll know your PR strategy is working.


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