I’m the Customer, Let’s Have a Chat About Your Service

I’m writing this after reading Brian Solis‘s blog ‘A Critical Path for Customer Relevance‘ and everything he talks about resonated so many idea’s I’ve personally been having lately. Companies talk about how ‘customer service’ is their first and foremost goal, but is it really? If that is the case, then why do so many companies cut back on the hours and use skeletal staff even at peak hours? I understand there is more to this than just what we see, but if we’re going to put the customer first, then the plans need to be transparent for it to positively impact the audience.

Let's listen to them! (http://vipdictionary.com/crowds)

The times are changing and the public’s voice has much more authority over a company’s image than what people choose to believe. With this new digital age, if a company does not ge ton board then it will slowly sink among the others that are far behind. People want to interact and are able to do so. If a company wants to achieve this, it will need to make some changes. I couldn’t agree more with the areas that Solis highlights as pivotal for building the companies reputation.

1. Enhance customer loyalty/advocacy

2. Design experiences for tablet/mobile apps

3. Use social media to engage customers…their way

4. Use integrated software to better manage customer relationships

5. Listen and learn

An article from PR Daily by Kevin Allen highlights the issues companies have with balancing quality and finances. As stated by Allen, he “attributes the decline to corporate America’s focus on cutting costs instead of increasing revenue.” People can elevate a company so much more with simple word of mouth, and it doesn’t cost a dime. When they get outstanding service, they will then tell their friends about it, who will then come to see it for themselves.

I will share some outstanding service I got over the holidays. I went into The Bay on Queen Street to look for a gift for my father. One of the sales representative could clearly tell I was lost, so he came over to ask me if I needed help. I was looking for a specific product so he walked around with me and asked me for some more details about the product and talked with the other representatives to see if they sold it. Turns out they didn’t, but I was so impressed with how he left his station to help me with something completely unrelated to his department. He was the nicest man ever and had such a warm, welcoming smile. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I left feeling happy about that interaction.

I believe every customer should feel that way when they leave a store or business meeting or anything else.

Is it really so much to ask for? Let’s get talking


One thought on “I’m the Customer, Let’s Have a Chat About Your Service

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    Customer service is more important than ever when it comes to our digital age. With the rise of the internet anyone, anywhere can find out a lot of information both good and bad with the click of a mouse. For that reason this article bring up a lot of good ideas of how to invest in the right things to develop your customers into personal brand ambassadors for you.

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