How to Be an Effective Leader

I haven’t written here in awhile as I’ve been off at school getting inspired by PR and communications. Many of the things I learn on a daily basis inspires me, and although I haven’t had a great amount of experience in the field itself, I feel like I am becoming much more aware of what it takes to be great in this industry.

So, what does it take to be a great communicator?

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When you are excited about your work, your mood will become infectious. Showing enthusiasm and excitement for the tasks ahead help motivate your team members. Encourage creativity and hold meetings for the team members to express their own opinions and ideas that could help contribute to the project. Organize get-togethers to give the team a chance to relax a bit and get to know each other better. When you’re personal beliefs are seen in everything you do, you are defining yourself as a leader. A motivated team will provide better results, and it comes down to the project manager to help keep this going.

As part of a generation that wants to be involved in a conversation and not simply told what to do, interpersonal project communication is a key aspect of understanding projects and the definition of project success. Without it, there will be different opinions and ideas floating around without you ever knowing. This can be a challenge for project managers who need to make sure all members have a clear focus for their strategy. This is an obstacle we are sure to face in future projects and someone we have to plan for.

Here are some things I’ve taken away on how to be an effective leader.

Providing positive feedback and initiatives

People will feel encouraged when they are offered something that will give them something back for their hard work. PR is tough work, so make sure the team feels appreciated.


Being mister-nice guy may help you make friends, but it won’t always get the job done. Show your team that you mean business and expect things done at certain times. Remember, there’s a difference between stern and downright scary.

Position in Project

Is this guy the leader or assistant? The role of the manager is to facilitate a smooth process through all stages of the project. Assuming manager role and maintaining it will help you maintain the respect of your team members and bring you success.

Represent Your Brand

When your passion for your work is apparent in everything you do, you will then motivate your team to share in these beliefs that you have. Communication your goals and ideas consistently will keep the spirit up in reaching these goals among your team.

Be Yourself

Simple because you’re a manager doesn’t mean you have to become Lieutenant Hardass. Confidence shows in various ways, and when you share parts of yourself with your team, it can help create a closer bond between the team, and thus a stronger morale.


You can teach your team a lot from the experience you’ve had. Share tips and tricks with your team members to help them enhance their own personal skills, which will then translate into better work.

By the way, if you want some great ideas on leadership, check out Let Go & Lead, the brainchild of Gagen McDonald.


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