Posted in February 2012

Image: Your Own Personal PR Strategy

Image is something we usually take into consideration when making a decision. “How does it look? What will people think? How will I look to others?” and so on. Very rarely do we think about the smaller things we do everyday that shapes our own personal brand. The coffee we drink, the clothes we wear, … Continue reading

I’m the Customer, Let’s Have a Chat About Your Service

I’m writing this after reading Brian Solis‘s blog ‘A Critical Path for Customer Relevance‘ and everything he talks about resonated so many idea’s I’ve personally been having lately. Companies talk about how ‘customer service’ is their first and foremost goal, but is it really? If that is the case, then why do so many companies cut back … Continue reading

How to Be an Effective Leader

I haven’t written here in awhile as I’ve been off at school getting inspired by PR and communications. Many of the things I learn on a daily basis inspires me, and although I haven’t had a great amount of experience in the field itself, I feel like I am becoming much more aware of what … Continue reading