The Ride To Conquer


So, as you can see in the top right hand corner of this webpage, there is a link named ‘2012 Ride to Conquer Cancer’ and I should explain that in better detail so that you know what it’s doing there.

Going into their fifth year, Princess Margaret Hospital’s Campbell Family Institute hold an annual bike ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls with all funds raised going directly to cancer research. It’s a huge, 2-day event with over 4000+ riders this year taking part in this fundraiser.  I will be raising $2,500 to participate in this event. I signed up for this because it was not only a challenge to myself, but also in memory of the family members I have lost to this disease.

A little insight as to what this event accomplishes…

Last year the institute raised over 17 million. Yes, I know some people question where exactly the money goes, but Princess Mararet is one of the leading research hospitals in North America and has arguably one of the best teams of doctors and scientists in Canada. Of course a big event like this takes a lot of money to support and yes a portion of the money raised goes towards all the support. Statistics from the 2010 ride stated that from the amount raised that year, 70% went directly to research and 30% went towards the event. Now that Enbridge has taken on the role as lead sponsor the amount going directly to research will be even greater.

The Epic Ride

The Epic Ride to Conquer Cancer

The great thing about our generation is that there are so many great causes to donate our time to that can help build us both emotionally and mentally. Whether its working with kids, spending time at a hospital or doing a relay- all of these things really help build character and help define who we are as human beings. We should continue to find things that challenge us beyond our comfort levels and go beyond what is expected of us. Todays leaders did not reach their height by always playing safe.

This challenge that I have signed up for will be a six month journey, from the beginning stages of training and fundraising to the epic 200+ km trek. I’ll be posting about my progress with training and what I’ve been learning along the way. It’s an amazing cause and any financial support is always greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate to the Ride for the Conquer Cancer

As the Koreans say “Fighting!” 파이팅!


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