What Does a Degree Have To do With it?

I think one of the most annoying questions for all bachelor of arts and science students is “So what are you going to do with that degree?” After swearing out the person in my head for vocalizing my innermost fears, I would usually give the standard, ‘Oh well I’m still exploring my options”. God I hated that person for asking and I hated myself for not having an answer. The fact of the matter is that the degree opens a door for us, but after that we’re on our own to decide our own fates. Daunting, right?

Yes, I was ‘considering my options’ but I had no idea what my options were and not a sweet clue what my future was going to hold for me. I held a university degree from a prestigious Canadian institution with part-time and volunteer experience behind me, but what else did I have that could help me stand out? The recession was in full-effect at this point and my options were slim. Frankly, I felt like a little wiener compared to the other working professionals that I was meeting in Toronto.

Well, I’ve learned over time that the answer to the million-dollar question should always be “anything I want to”. Whether we admit defeat or continue to seek success is up to us. With all due respect, being the insecure kid won’t get you the job. Even in times of economic uncertainty, we should be always ready to take things to the next level. We have the power to do anything we chose with what we’ve got and what we’ve been given

I came across a really good article in the New York Times about the advancement of technology in the workforce and the impact on employment. In a nut shell, we need more than just our degrees to prove ourselves in the workforce, according to the journalist,  Adam Davidson.

A general guideline these days is that people are rewarded when they can do things that take trained judgment and skill — things, in other words, that can’t be done by computers or lower-wage workers in other countries. –Adam Davidson, The Dwindling Power of a College Degree

We need to step it up these days and think outside the box. Take what makes you shine and make that your platform. It’s competitive out there, and we’ve got to get those resumes and personalities sparkling! Remember, you’re future’s up to you!


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